Thanks for your interest in being a love ambassador! I would love to have your help to make sure that this campaign reaches as many people as possible! Like I've said before "I know that together - with LOVE - we can change the world". So here are the details of the LOVE AMBASSADOR program. 

  • You get free LOVE SOMEBODY cards! Yes, since I am enlisting  your help I will send you the cards needed to meet the program requirements. 
  • You will receive 4 cards which are to go to 4 people within these certain specifications..
  1. Someone who serves you. For example a waiter, barista, store representative. 
  2. Someone who needs an encouraging word. 
  3. A friend or family member who lives in another state or country.
  4. Whoever you want!
  • You will take 3 photos  and share each one on social media using the hashtag #taggedbylove and tag @proclaimlove on Instagram and twitter or LP Paper Studio on Facebook. If you have more than one social media platform I would love it if you shared it on all of them. Here are the 3 photos you will need to take.. 

  1. Take a picture when your package arrives. It can be with you in the picture holding up your cards or just a picture of the cards themselves. Be creative and let your personality shine!
  2. Take a photo at the location of where you are being served and giving out your card. Again use your imagination or creativity. Also tag your location on social media it's super easy to do. 
  3. Take a picture of one of your recipients holding the card.  
  • Goal is to have these cards all sent out within 3 weeks of receiving them. If this is something that you can totally do and excites you then click the link below and fill out the form and I will be in touch soon. 

Love Ambassador Inquiry