A note from Mayda


It's been a very somber week after the recent Las Vegas tragedy. I can't quite describe how it feels knowing this took place in the city I call home. I've cried many times thinking about all the beautiful people who lost their lives. I've thought about the families and friends who have to go on without them. 

My Pastor said it best...

"Evil showed it's face Sunday night, but love showed it's face Monday morning.

- Paul Goulet

LP exists to show love and so we have decided to take the remaining Love Somebody 2017 Cards and leave them at the Las Vegas Healing Gardens. If you happen to come across my site from a card you picked up or received and want to pay it forward here are a list of ways to give. 


Las Vegas Victims' Fund

Zappos is matching all donations up to one million dollars. 

For the children of Rocio Guillen